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Tanjung Gemok is home to the popular ferry terminal for those heading to Tioman Island or any of the paradise islands off the Johor coast. If you're planning to drive to Tanjung Gemok, it's good to know that there are two parking lots around the ferry terminal, albeit modest-sized ones.

Valet Parking

In view of the limited size of the Tanjung Gemok parkings, actual car park space is rather limited, especially during public holidays, school holidays, weekends and the main holiday peak season (). As such, reserving a Tanjung Gemok car park slot in advance is recommended.

The valet car parking service in Tanjung Gemok provides assistance with your car once you arrive at the ferry terminal.

Sheltered or Unsheltered Parking?

There are sheltered and unsheltered lots available for parking at Tanjung Gemok. The sheltered lots provide protection from the sun, the rain, moisture, dust, mud, etc. This optiom may well be worth the slightly higher parking fee, since weather around the area can, at times, get a little rough.

To book a Tanjung Gemok car park slot in advance, visit the Harbour website.

Please note that booking a Tanjung Gemok car park slot in advance is charged separately from the daily parking fee and costs a one-time charge of Ringgit 5 per vehicle. Once the booking fee has been received, your car park booking is confirmed.

Peace of Mind

Given the high car ownership numbers in Malaysia and Singapore, our advice, if you're planning to drive to Tanjung Gemok and spend time in Tioman Island or any of the paradise islands, is to reserve a car park slot in advance. This will ensure that you not only have a hassle-free travel experience, but can enjoy your trip without worrying about your vehicle too, given that it's in good hands. For complete peace of mind, aim for one of the sought-after valet parking lots that are sheltered from the elements.

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