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There are places of paradise in the world that can only be reached by sea. Pulau Bawah is such a place of paradise.

Pulau Bawah, Indonesian for Lower Island, is one of those idyllic ends of the earth islands that really must be included on every traveler's bucket list.

The sweet tranquillity that is Pulau Bawah
The sweet tranquillity that is Pulau Bawah

Pulau Bawah is located in a South East Asian archipelago called Anambas. Surprisingly, Anambas is actually found a mere 150 miles or so east of Mersing, on the Malaysia east coast. But in spite of this proximite geographical location to Malaysia, the Anambas islands, all 233 of them, are actually Indonesian territory.

Pulau Bawah has been said to be no less than the crown jewel island in the Anambas Archipelago. Pulau Bawah is so utterly dazzling that even tourism experts believe that Pulau Bawah is on a par with any of the stunningly beautiful islands in the Maldives, in the Indian Ocean.

Sun setting on another perfect day in Pulau Bawah
Sun setting on another perfect day in Pulau Bawah

Pulau Bawah is private and secluded. Check! Pulau Bawah is surrounded by crystal-clear lagoons. Check! Pulau Bawah offers as good as untouched coral gardens as far as the eye can see. Check!

In fact, Pulau Bawah has been dubbed South East Asia's last hidden paradise and rightly so. Pulau Bawah has gone unnoticed for, quite literally, centuries, but can now be visited from Tanjung Pinang, Pulau Bintan, Indonesia, just south of Singapore.

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