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Officially opened less than one year ago, Mersing Harbour Centre is the one-top shop for every traveler going to Tioman or any of the other offshore paradise islands locasted off Mersing.

Mersing Harbour Centre offers is a few notches up from the old Mersing ferry terminal, not only in in terms of design and speciousness, but also with regards to efficiency and convenience.

Mersing's pride and joy, Mersing Harbour Centre
Mersing's pride and joy, Mersing Harbour Centre

Ferry tickets, once seats are booked online, no longer need to be picked up from the tired ferry ticket counters at the ferry jetty. With Mersing Harbour Centre taking on this role, travelers can collect their tickets from the counter in the airconditioned complex.

In fact, the whole procedure can be complelted within Mersing Harbour Centre, including the conservation fee and Tioman fee transactions.

Mersing Harbour Centre also features counters to make advance bookings for bus, taxi, accommodation, even fishing charters around Rompin or jungle excursions to Endau. Haven't booked your reort yet in Tioman Island? Just head to any of the desks in Mersing Harbour Centre that offer this, such as Berjaya.

Tioman ferry, ready for boarding
Tioman ferry, ready for boarding

Lastly, if you're just aiming to kill some time before your ferry departs to Tioman, it's good to know that there's a spa in Mersing Harbour Centre, a prayer room, as well as a number of shower cubicles that can be had for a modest price.

Clearly, Mersing Harbour Centre has readied Mersing for a bright future, both in terms of its jumping board location to any of the exotic islands, but also given that it forms an easy to navigate bridge from Melaka, Kuantan, KL and even Singaporeto any of the inland attractions that Mersing's hinterland has on offer.

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