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 Tioman Ferries

Tioman Ferries
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Tioman Schedule 2019
Tioman Ferries Please note that the Mersing ferry to Tioman does not have a fixed departure time. As the ferry can only depart around the high-water mark, the Mersing departure times change almost daily, because we have to track the high-water mark. The earliest the ferry can depart is 7 am, whereas our latest departure time is about 4.30 pm.

All our passengers are sent a confirmation email, containing our current ferry schedule, upon submission of their reservation. Please note that due to the changeable nature of the local weather, we recommend arriving at the ferry terminal about 1.5 hours before stated departure time. An early arrival at the ferry terminal in Tioman on your day of return is also recommended, because this will expedite your return to Mersing.

Lastly, included in our confirmation email is our Mersing Harbour Centre Hotline number. Please call this number the day before you depart to Mersing. Our Mersing ferry staff will inform you of any adjustments - if any - to your ferry's departure time.
 Ferry tickets are usually available at the ferry terminal in Mersing and Tanjung Gemuk. Cost is 70 Ringgit each. Unless the ferry in question is already fully booked of course. If you prefer to secure your ferry tickets in advance, that is online, ticket price is higher, as a result of online sales cost. 
 Route 1: Mersing - Tioman (Genting, Paya, Tekek, ABC, (Panuba), Salang). The journey takes about 1.5-2 hours. All stops are announced.
Tioman Ferries
 Route 2: Tanjung Gemuk - Tioman (Tekek). The journey takes about 1.5-2 hours. All stops are announced.